The New Leaf Annex

The New Leaf Annex is run and maintained by Nicholas A. Ferrell, editor of an online writing magazine called The New Leaf Journal. The New Leaf Journal is a general-interest writing magazine dedicated to evergreen (we say perennially virid) content. I will use The New Leaf Annex for two purposes. Firstly, I will post notes and musings in the form of short posts. Secondly, I will re-post in full, or in substantial part, some content from my main project at The New Leaf Journal.

This is my second stint on Bear Blog. I originally used it to host my side-project at NAF Musings, but I switched that over to Smol Pub for the added Gemini and Gopher functionality. However, I still lacked an alternative to Medium for certain short posts and syndicating content (I cannot stand Medium). Bearblog looks like the perfect FOSS Medium alternative (with a much nicer UX to boot).

You can learn more about me and see all of the other places I post (Mastodon, Pixelfed, Hubzilla, and more) on my link tree at The New Leaf Journal: See N.A. Ferrell Around the Web.