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Man Uploads 2,000,000 YouTube Videos

Mr. Derek Taylor (DistroTube) uploaded a video on his YouTube channel about a fellow YouTube poster named Roel Van de Paar. While DistroTube creates well-produced and informative content about Linux and free and open source software, Mr. Van de Paar has adopted a different posting approach. He takes Stack Exchange questions and answers and creates text-based videos containing nothing but those questions and answers. Mr. Van de Paar has recently been posting more than one video per minute, and has now uploaded more than 2,000,000 videos to YouTube. (He has posted more YouTube videos than anyone else.)

I only watch YouTube through FreeTube and NewPipe, so I miss all of the fun involving algorithms, recommendations, and search. Mr. Van de Paar's content does seem to be lacking in quality, but I can't say I do not admire the audacity of his approach to posting.

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