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"Just keep tapping the Enter key"

The Register posted a short article on a Linux distribution called EndeavourOS. EndeavourOS is a fork of Arch Linux that hews very closely to its parent. I run it on my primary laptop and have been very satisfied. Unlike my workstation OS, Manjaro Linux (also based on Arch), EndeavourOS uses Arch’s upstream packages. EndeavourOS also comes with the Arch User Repository enabled and the yay helper for the AUR pre-installed. In a recent post, I described using AUR packages on Manjaro Linux (also see my post on an AmigaOS-inspired XFWM4 theme that I obtained from the AUR). Now I preface the following point by noting that I am still far from being a Linux super-admin, although I am competent enough to manage my current set-ups. Let us see the following quote from the EndeavourOS review:

The Yay AUR installer can ask quite a lot of questions, but if you just keep tapping the Enter key, the defaults seem to do the job…

PSA: Please do not keep tapping the Enter key without reading the prompts and questions. Especially do not do this if you are using Manjaro or any Arch derivative that maintains its own package repositories.

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