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Constantine XI and the May 53-Word Writing Contest

Press 53 runs a monthly 53-word story contesnt. I entered one contest in January. While I did not win, I adapted my magnum opus into a New Leaf Journal article, so all was well. I have not entered in the intervening months. After remembering that the contest exists, I took a look at the May prompt. Inspired by spring, the prompt is meditation. This prompt is not exactly in my wheelhouse, but while pondering if I had anything to contribute - an idea occurred to me. One of my favorite stories is of the last stand of Constantine XI defending Constantinople and the Eastern Roman Empire against the Ottomans until the bitter end. The story, which I covered in one of my most-read articles, is inspiring. There is a legend that the marbled Constantine lies in rest, waiting to answer the call to rise again and restore Constantinople. That gave me an idea for a 53-word meditation story...

Will my story win? Almost definitely not. But in the event of failure, I will have some good Constantine XI content to publish at The New Leaf Journal. All's well that ends well.

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